Author: Ben Pandya

Why should you not have a plan?

Plans stink and suck; planning is indispensable. Continue your planning for your goals and destination, but shun the plan. Make it a dynamic document. Where is the last plan you worked on? When was the last time you reviewed that plan?How dynamic have you made that plan? In fact, I wish to share with my… Read more »

What is your mission? How far are you from achieving it?

What was the mission in its formulation? Yet, it appears magical in the middle of the ocean… If you have a mission or if you buy into the mission, there is no obstacle or objection that will ever stand in your way to keep you from fulfilling your goal or reaching your destination.  Those who… Read more »

Debate, Winning, losing, high road, low one! How did passion play its part?

Watching the Presidential debate Wednesday evening, we at ‘Pantel 4 Passion’ (  extrapolated the personal Passion Quotient (PQ) based upon the candidates body language, mannerisms and answers to questions.   With 30+ years of experience the Passion Quotient (PQ) had been developed and the results from the debate were very telling of the passion at the… Read more »

What decisions brought you where you are today? Or in the future?

Take the first step towards a whole new world of opportunities.  Your decision to take that first step opened these & many more opportunities.  Womb to tomb, we make millions of decisions that affect our lives and the continuous outcomes we enjoy, delight or suffer. The delight or suffering largely rests on our thoughts, as… Read more »

What will you not be optimistic about in life?

I wonder what the BIG picture looks like? Wow!! This is what the BIGGER picture looks like… If we consciously begin to perceive everything around us, somehow everything has optimism. Some are positive ones, others take you in a different direction.Optimism, known by some other names would also be known as hope, ambition, aspiration, and… Read more »

How much ownership do you have of all that you do?

Where is this place? When was it built? Who built it? Why did he build it? How much planning went into building this? How was it built? All these questions can be answered by one answer. That one answer is that whoever built this temple, took the highest level of ownership in the design and… Read more »

Take the first step in living a happier and fulfilled life. Read on…Dive in…

Download the app with this link: Can you tell where is this picture taken and what it signifies? Correct answer gets you a prize… Passion for specific goals provides us with the drive for sustained success that is unparalleled by any other motivating force. Further, Passion is the most significant factor in success and… Read more »

How energetic are you?

Water & light frozen for the moment Lit up invitation to be energetic Put the energy behind the wind; don’t wait for the wind. Sun is looking to re-energize for a brighter tomorrow.  In each of us lies an unfathomable amount of energy that we must choose to use and reenergize for more. How you… Read more »

What is your ideal job?

What is your ideal job? Why do you think about a career? What makes you passionate about your job? When did you start paying attention to your job and the search for the right one rather than a job? How does a job or interest in a job turn that into a career? // Continue… Read more »