Author: Ben Pandya

Paying forward…

He was in the middle seat of this 4 hour flight from Detroit to Phoenix. Calm, shy, but a cheerful bright smile. He just flew in from Nairobi to Amsterdam to Detroit to Phoenix. Ah! A new incoming student on a student visa for higher education for a better future! The long flight did not… Read more »

What if…

August 4th 2010 is a routine date for most, but a 12 year old, who witnessed possibly the most scary accident of his life, recalls this date at 4:32 pm and prays and thanks God and his mom that the said date did not bring any untoward impact in their life.  What if…he had lost… Read more »

How good is your medicine?

How often have you asked yourself this question about the medications you take? If you have not, ask yourself this question…How often do you get so close to an erupted volcano or step on it? Even if you do, you would take ample care and conduct extensive research before stepping into and going near a… Read more »

Success is your lucky number…irrespective of how you define success!

Seventh rank in the nation of all other colleagues is something truly remarkable. Seventh rank in the nation of all other colleagues who are full time employees and Jana does it with ease even though her responsibilities are part time. That is unbelievable… Eight years in a row, she is number one in the region,… Read more »

Each one of us…is a unique journey…

Each career is a unique journey. There may be at least 10,000 different stories floating around us and each one is not only unique, but as powerful. Each journey brings its own emotional expressions..Establish yours as your image! Different careers start at key points of time in our lives. Some triggers play a huge part… Read more »

You have all the answers, why have you not asked the questions?

All the knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in your own mind. The external world is simply the suggestion, the occasion, which sets you to study your own mind, but the object of your study is always your own mind.  The truth is… Read more »

If you love your life and love yourself….

Love Integrity, Peace, Success! Such a charming man with out any bull….. Your true goodness really comes through, just like you teach, gotta walk the talk. I can see why so many people want to love and adore you!!  Your true goodness will really come through. This afternoon such an example occurred with a friend… Read more »