How good is your medicine?

How often have you asked yourself this question about the medications you take?

If you have not, ask yourself this question…How often do you get so close to an erupted volcano or step on it? Even if you do, you would take ample care and conduct extensive research before stepping into and going near a volcano.

 My suggestions for you are to do the same level of diligence before taking any medications. Find out where the medicine is made? What kind of company has made them? What are their key practices and their reputation?

FDA provides a range of acceptable standards for imported medications. How close are the medications to those ranges set by the FDA?

If you have taken any generic medicine that is made overseas, how well and effectively does it work?

Be well, be diligent, because there are more manufacturers of generics than road side food stalls in developing countries. If they don’t deliver the quality you expect, raise your voice, increase the noise level.

You will, soon, find that paying more for medications from known sources is much more cost effective than those from the unknown ones. Your health and your body are significantly more valuable than the few pennies you will save in the short term.

Our experiences from the other side of the medical community brings this awareness. Be aware! Life is short. Love it, live it, and treat it with care…Don’t get burned or catch the heat from the flowing lava near you.

No, I don’t work for a medicine company, and yes, I do take generic medications myself.