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A leader unparalleled to any other Gave us the gift of A dream come true

A leader unparalleled to any other Gave us the gift of ‘A dream come true,’ Although I have traveled the entire world multiple times with zero dollars in my pocket and not once did I face the kind of challenges this trip presented, here’s a leader, Mr. Owen Fu. Regardless of his position with JW… Read more »

What Legacy are you looking to leave behind??

“Legacy Forward Made Easy”, is an adventure through life whether it is raising a family, working toward a paycheck or guiding your loved ones back to the Universe.  Ravi experienced each new experience with the utmost integrity and love but with the determination of an athlete. Men and women are given the same or similar… Read more »

Reciprocity & Paying it forward lives on for Legacies…

              One leader, one reader, one community at a time; regardless of the location- people are the same anywhere we go… Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima- Peru or Rio De Janeiro showed and displayed exemplary leaders in every sense of the word. Generations after generations, communities continue to thrive…irrespective of… Read more »

How do you manage change in your life?

Accountability.  Rules are only rules if they are enforced.  People are always looking for boundaries and trying to figure out where the limits are.  In the context of change, if I adopt the desired behavior will my sacrifices be rewarded and conversely if I ignore them will there be negative consequences? In the absence of… Read more »

Leading change is easy, if you stay humbly focused…

1.       Key success factors for Step Two-Building a Guiding Team and best ways to accomplish them? Gather them in a room.  At AstraZeneca change in products and regulations are necessary to stay competitive, but when that happens it disrupts systems and power.  Ben shared an example when a change was being met with significant resistance,… Read more »

Leading change successfully…a look ahead!

Leading Change and Transformation successfully….. Wade Sutton, Delphi Manager interviews Ben Pandya Ben Pandya has lead and been part of many change initiatives.  Professionally Ben spent more than 16 years at AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company.  The drug industry is one that is constantly changing, and with high dollar amounts at stake, making sure those changes… Read more »

A leader once in a century for once in a century…Are you ready?

There are no accidents or coincidences in life. If you plan well and are persistent towards your aspirations, you will accomplish your goals to the fullest. One of my goals in 2013 was to arrange a face to face meeting India’s current prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.  After meticulous, rigorous planning and security clearances, I finally… Read more »

A Radio show is worth a million messages….Listen in… An author with a famous Screen-play writer, Mr. Abhijat Joshi, while in Phoenix shared his views on making lasting stories. This radio show is a conversation on other stories and bringing our own stories to life. Listen, enjoy, learn, share, and build other stories. 

Top 10 leadership areas to explore through a Radio show…

This is your boarding pass, your ticket or your passport for the radio interview with 2 authors: Sandra Saenz and Ben Pandya. Listen, Enjoy, Introspect, Learn, and Implement….Success may put you at the peak, happiness has no ceiling.  Online Pop Culture Radio at Blog Talk Radio with KWOD Radio on BlogTalkRadio Need I or dare I… Read more »