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Life is one step, one door, one turn at a time…

Nothing surprises me more than a noble deed by a few irrespective of how nominal that deed may be. Each one of us end up committing small deeds that are uniquely noble and good in every way. If we believe that we commit those kinds of act, it should be a given that others commit… Read more »

What is the difference between duty & pleasure?

Legacy, Passion, Ownership, Leadership, Mission, Strategy, Integrity, Optimism… The shorter the distance between duty and pleasure, the happier your life! There exists a huge distinction and distance between duty and passion/ pleasure. Majority of the people live up to and fulfill their duty. They at least perform their duty. Some of them even rejoice fulfilling… Read more »

How do you define friendship?

When Chris opened the envelope, there was a cleanly written check for $20,000 in Chris’s name. Thirty seconds later, the check felt some rain drops…Alas, those were the tears from Chris’s unbelieving eyes, and not the rain drops. Chris now recognized the true meaning of “Shock and Awe.” Such a story that is so powerful… Read more »

Keep Walking, the peak is around the corner…

Even as life hands us bumps in the road, our goal must be to continue to  WALK.  Win with passion Accept all obstacles & overcome them. Love your life ’cause it is so precious. Know yourself. I hope you enjoy the…WALK.  (WALK is the only way to get to your passionate destination). WALK, SWIM, SPRINT,… Read more »

If economy is on the right track, are you? If not, why not?

When was the last time you or your team went through executive training that left you more effective? If you are left scratching your head trying to recall when you are not alone. Just AIM 4 SUCCESS is a business development company. We help you develop your business by working directly with your leaders in… Read more »

Did Gandhi do this or would Bill Gates or Warren Buffett do it?

There are 7 billion people on our earth. At what point in their respective lives did Gandhi or Bill Gates decide that they were to be the top 7 leaders in terms of their contributions to human society? We all are highly impressed when a comedian or a politician shows us an extraordinary quick witted… Read more »

Shun the group dynamics in 2013 AND BEYOND…& Become more healthy.

Group dynamics end up doing more damage than good in most cases. US elections and the silo surveys and research brought a huge surprise to one side. Mitt met the might of the unswayed, the focused, and the determined most. Have a spine and guts to believe. Group dynamics led a lady to her death… Read more »

Why we, Americans, make decisions in spite of…

Newtown, CT, Colorado, Oregon, endless number of places, incidents, rare as they may be, they continue to be life threatening for innocents and the worst thing about these episodes is that it can happen anywhere to anyone for any reason. A claim that this 20 year old was sick and challenged is a surprise beyond… Read more »

Willingly at work or are you forced to work?

Work has everything to do with 180 degree view and perspective.  This week, an event, an interaction brought me this awareness that some people come to work with all kinds of hesitation and with a level of resistance that manifests in their dealing and working with others irrespective of how polite the others may be… Read more »

Victory after victory after victory tells me there is humanity and justice…

Irrespective of what the others feel and believe, regardless of what games and gains others show, worthless it is to waver from your positions and your fundamental philosophies. Passion will provide you the purpose… Purpose will give you the planning and planning will invite you to become truly and passionately persistent, which will then land… Read more »