Did Gandhi do this or would Bill Gates or Warren Buffett do it?

There are 7 billion people on our earth. At what point in their respective lives did Gandhi or Bill Gates decide that they were to be the top 7 leaders in terms of their contributions to human society?

We all are highly impressed when a comedian or a politician shows us an extraordinary quick witted  response to the toughest questions. Little do we know that there is a huge amount of planning goes on behind the scenes for every possibility!

How will you finish your race? Will you be among the top 7 leaders, or will you be among the top 71 leaders? Have you planned to be within the top 700 leaders or do you leave that top rank for others?

What is your contribution since the past, today, tomorrow, and beyond tomorrow? Only you can answer these very intricate questions.

First find your answers for yourselves. Hold a mirror in front of you at all times. If nothing else, know it in your heart that the mirror will not lie to you.

Hold a mirror and live in the truth. Live in the might of the introspection, you will not ever tarnish your own image.

How do you define success? Your definition of success varies from others’ idea of success.

If you so decide, you are no Gandhi nor are you Bill Gates or Warren, know it well in your deepest quarters that you are no less…