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Exceeding Business Performance through Sustained Learning and Development


Just AIM 4 Success is at your service to help you and your business become awesome!

Anyone can be cool. Just AIM 4 Success trains you and leads you to become awesome. Just AIM 4 Success helps businesses achieve or exceed real results in real time and develops leadership at a level fitting your aspirations.

Just AIM 4 Success is a business transformation consulting team that helps build efficiency through people, processes and technology. What area of your organization needs immediate attention? Say it confidently that your teams’ passions are aligned with the company mission.


Just AIM 4 Success is your business partner. We are ready to build a customized portfolio of products and services to meet your needs, both large and small regardless of function or industry. Our global experience over the past twenty years in leading change and transformation has proven that we can take ‘cool’ and make it ‘awesome.’

  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Engagement Strategies
  • ESG
  • Project Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • ServiceNow Implementation
  • and More


Having serviced more than 3,500 executives in multiple countries, Just AIM 4 Success’ has a deep bench of training programs that result in a greater retention of talent, a more productive workforce, and organizational savings. Just AIM 4 Success’ coaching and training programs have been an invaluable resource in the toolkits for successful companies like Microsoft, American Express, HSBC, Thunderbird School of Global Management, and more.

  • Educating Internal Teams
  • Higher Performing Teams
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Non-Monetary Retention Strategies
  • Effective Communication
  • Cross Cultural Immersion


The Power of PQ

Remember when growing up we all took tests showing our intelligence?  I always wondered whether this test could show intangible qualities that make a REAL difference. Well, your searching is officially over. YOU can expect to be recharged for your life’s journey. And it’s not about intelligence.

It’s PASSION. The PQ is an unparalleled reflection of motivation and drive, showing why there is success or failure. PQ is a time proven set of 96 easy-to-prioritize questions that will evaluate your character and acumen. Your PQ score will measure your key attributes, including Mission, Strategy, Planning, Leadership, Ownership & Integrity.

Your PQ includes a personalized confidential report and a 30 minute consultation with a Life Coach. You don’t want to miss this. Remember it’s PQ, not IQ.

Legacy Forward Made Easy


It is 1934, and Ravi is just twelve when his father suddenly dies. His mother points to a star in the Indian sky and tells him his father has left the world to help others, and Ravi silently vows to seek lifelong guidance from the star. As his family struggles to make ends meet, Ravi shoulders new responsibilities to help them all survive.

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