Having serviced more than 3,500 executives in multiple countries, Just AIM 4 Success’ has a deep bench of training programs that result in a greater retention of talent, a more productive workforce, and organizational savings.

Just AIM 4 Success’ coaching and training programs have been an invaluable resource in the toolkits for successful companies like Microsoft, American Express, HSBC, Thunderbird School of Global Management, and more.

These programs are customizable and cater to your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can craft the perfect business consulting and training solution for you and your team.

Organizational Effectiveness

Educating Internal Training Teams

Just Aim 4 Success has executed programs with Microsoft, AstraZeneca, AMEX, Intel, HSBC, and others. The typical engagement includes a one to two day offsite that covers various topics: benchmarks of achievement, mentorship, time management, cross platform engagement, conflict resolution, how to acknowledge successes, building trust, and others. Following the day-long session we collaborate with the trainers to deliver organizational benchmarks.

Higher Performing Teams – Department Building

Success in today’s economy requires engaged and effective teams. These customized workshops enable individuals to appreciate the strengths of their team and organization, and teach them how their talents contribute to the team’s overall performance.

Talent Management and Succession Planning – HR and Managers

Why are certain organizations successful at attracting and retaining the key talent of the future? Our talent management and “Hire for Success” workshops provide strategic insights into the recruitment process and prepare organizations to achieve their desired results.

Non-Monetary Retention Strategies- HR and Managers

If money is the only motivator for your team, why are some organizations thriving while using strategies other than monetary rewards? These workshops provide key insights and strategies for your organization to retain and develop talent for sustained growth outside monetary reward.

Effective Communication – Department Building

This workshop focuses on the most important element of any interaction—communication. Participants take a deep dive into important communication models and methodologies and are equipped with the knowledge to communicate effectively.

Cross Cultural Immersion – Individual or Group Session

In today’s global arena, understanding cultural differences isn’t enough. Cultural thinking must be second nature. Organizations need leaders that are immersed in a variety of cultures and who understand how to engage other cultures effectively. Join us to explore the techniques and mindsets necessary to become effective leaders in borderless organizations and businesses.

Sales and Influence Effectiveness – Sales Team Building

In any position, the ability to sell and influence makes all the difference. If you don’t excel at these skills, you’re at a significant disadvantage. These programs give you the skills and tools needed to increase your bottom line by becoming a master at sales and influence.

Crisis Management, Change Management – Team Building

Enhance the bottom line for your organization by learning to think like an entrepreneur—not like a bureaucrat. These management workshops focus on outcome-based approaches that are tailored to a variety of projects.

War Games for competitive advantage – Executive Team Building

A War Game provides a simulated, highly dynamic, creative, and challenging competitive environment in which businesses can explore their strategic thinking and tactical planning in order to meet the challenges of the increasingly competitive markets in which they operate.

By engaging in a War Game, your executive team will gain insights into the possible strategies of existing competitors. Your team will develop and gauge the financial impact of alternative strategic responses. The War Game is a highly practical business-planning exercise, and strategic plans and tactical marketing plans represent one of the key outputs from the game. The safe, but highly charged, competitive environment fostered by the War Game often results in some surprisingly creative and innovative thinking. Many of the ideas resulting from a War Game can be implemented swiftly, providing some quick wins for the business. The War Game also provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills and to strengthen cross-functional team working.

Leadership Effectiveness – Individual Professionals, and Small Groups

Act Reflect Learn:

Without understanding where you’re going, you will encounter many detours. Decisions based on reflection are more sustainable and strategic. In these workshops, you’ll further understand your goals and become a more effective problem solver.

Executive Coaching

Whether it’s change management, reorganization, or team deployment, we successfully coach executive leaders to maximize organizational resources and to quickly become actively engaged in and highly productive towards new assignments.

Conflict Management

Jack Welch has said he dislikes making decisions without differences of opinion. Too often, however, differences create unresolved conflict. Learn how to appreciate and harness individual differences while avoiding their negative side-effects by leveraging our powerful and proprietary technique—Just in Time pathways.

Cross-functional Leadership

Do you truly understand your communication flow? Do you honestly know if your communications are effective? The health of any organization lies in its ability to communicate effectively internally and externally. Our knowledge management programs will teach you to master the vital skill of effective communication.

Appreciative Inquiry

How does our past shape our present and beyond? Learn to appreciate your journey in order to shape its destination. This workshop explores how to leverage your unique journey by reflecting on the past while maintaining a keen eye on desired outcomes, some which may be just around the corner.

Public Speaking and Powerful Presentations

Fear of public speaking ranks on par with fear of near-death experiences. Shed that fear while becoming a highly involved speaker. Learn how to make powerful and persuasive presentations to any audience.

Work Life Balance

When twenty-four hours just aren’t enough where and how do you find that extra time you need? Where and when can you stop to smell the roses or indulge in something you’re passionate about? In this workshop, you’ll discover an in depth understanding of your passions and how to find the balance needed to pursue them by developing your own personal life plan.

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