What Legacy are you looking to leave behind??

“Legacy Forward Made Easy”, is an adventure through life whether it is raising a family, working toward a paycheck or guiding your loved ones back to the Universe.  Ravi experienced each new experience with the utmost integrity and love but with the determination of an athlete.

Men and women are given the same or similar legacies and gifts throughout their lives, wrapped up as drama, control, self righteousness, pity, leadership, decision making and most of all successes!  The gifts come in our lives subtly, surprisingly and planned self expectation which only Passion brings us.

Passion initiates the power to visualize what we want, attempt new approaches to get what we want and to experience the outcome of our dreams to have what we want.  Passion provides the light to move forward based on our experience within ourselves and with others.   Ben Pandya told us a story of his father and a roadmap handed down to him as a gift to be used as he wished.  I know Ben, he uses his gift as a precious Star that he may or may not see but is always there…similar to Passion, you may or may not experience success all the time but it is always there, you own your Passion!

Ownership provides us the opportunity to feel the positive effects of making good decisions.  We understand what is right and what is wrong, but sometimes we do not give ourselves the credit we ourselves deserve to feel good as a human much less a leader.  We own our choices, our thoughts and our dreams and we are each role models in our own right.  Ravi took his gifts and used them and gave them back for others to use IF they wished as well as an understanding the Success of Ownership in its true sense of love.

Leadership is a gift for all of us to use every day and offers us the opportunity to be the best at what we desire or wish to do, it is in our genes and we deserve the best!  As Ravi moved forward in his life, from a small boy to an adult he professed integrity in all his experiences mostly to himself and at times to others but his behavior demonstrated his consistent relationship and journey with Integrity.  We do not have to live life in fear, Ravi lived his life with love for himself and others.  We do not always sustain this level of love or leadership in our worlds due to life’s unknowns but Ravi has taught Ben and now us that leaders are role models at all times and only choices that have a true intention of leadership will experience honest success!

Accountability enables our strength to do anything we can dream of and own it!  Owning something invisible is a daunting approach to life but Ravi used accountability as gift to others by demonstrating that what he did for his family, for the people and for the Universe was done with love and integrity.  You might notice Integrity plays a major role in our lives, surprise it does!  Integrity is our accountability,  it will help us understand the difference in our feelings between right and wrong or love and hate.  Our everyday lives demand us to take accountability as Ravi did in decisions and actions that he took on, not the inadequate decisions or bad decisions of another that does not elect to use the gift of integrity.  Ben has taught us by his example and his father’s example that the ability to stand up for what we believe in to be right helps everyone including the individual that claims or demands accountability but accepts none.

Results of Success are obvious if we are able to believe in ourselves and use integrity as our guide post.  Ben has proven to me through his fresh new writing approach in teaching the basics, the gifts we are born with, the right or wrong approach to passion, the different levels of leadership as we move forward, the accountability that comes with honest evaluation and passion for good.  Ben has used a story of a man who found himself as a role model not even knowing that his son would use his life as an example of living to his and our fullest with what we have been given to enjoy our journey.

Take this lesson with you, reread the story, the steps, the underlying love to make sure you have not missed anything and take off in the best direction of your life, your Successful Life that you can pass on to the world!  I have learned to own my Passion, my Accountability, my Leadership attributes and my results as the pavers to my success and will continue to do so as well as pass on the message…Integrity lives within us, use it, a gift from the ages and for the ages to come!

It is really “Legacy forward made Easy”, pass it on! DSC_0367