Reciprocity & Paying it forward lives on for Legacies…

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One leader, one reader, one community at a time; regardless of the location- people are the same anywhere we go…

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima- Peru or Rio De Janeiro showed and displayed exemplary leaders in every sense of the word.

Generations after generations, communities continue to thrive…irrespective of the meager resources available to them. They thrive, in spite of the limited possessions available to them. When an 86 year old woman spins the weaving tool with the agility of a teenager, it shows, the inner most passion and energy she has towards her life, mission, and her affection for the age-old culture she has lived through and aspires her small community to thrive on a continuum…All this she makes it possible, while carrying her 2 year old grandson in a pouch on her back, so that he can sleep and rest.

These leaders have not known the concept called competition, because at the end of the day, they all share all the income of the day at a community dinner.

What a lofty idea! What legendary ideals!! What fantastic reciprocity!!! If we, somehow, instill even a portion of these philosophical teachings in our communities and cities, we will have taken our first steps towards Utopia!!!

What actions and decisions will you take today to begin this ‘Reciprocity’ journey for others to follow you? Be the change you wish to see in the world…One person at a time, one percent at a time!