How do you define friendship?

When Chris opened the envelope, there was a cleanly written check for $20,000 in Chris’s name. Thirty seconds later, the check felt some rain drops…Alas, those were the tears from Chris’s unbelieving eyes, and not the rain drops. Chris now recognized the true meaning of “Shock and Awe.”

Such a story that is so powerful yet unbelievable!! Is this why the saying goes: Truth is stranger than fiction? Two friends! Chris & Kim. Chris was in disbelief with the jaw dropping gift from Kim when Chris opened the envelope.

Chris had recently ended her marriage of 17 years. The divorce did not come easy, it was rather bitter yet Chris held the head high and moved out and moved to another city. Recent economic trends set her income at an all time low and monetary support was meager. Chris mentioned nothing about all this to Kim. Needless to say that Kim sensed the level of unhappiness in Chris’s life.

Kim, on the other hand, had a sudden demise of the spouse. Kim was left with a family business about 800 miles away and this business had become Kim’s responsibility along with the family responsibilities as well. Kim had no other means to make money. In order to save funds, Kim would drive from the town Kim lived in, to the point of business each week. Yes, that is 800 miles each way every week. Kim was also faced with the challenges of a start up and lower economic trend. We all can guess what personal challenges Kim must have faced in addition to the ones mentioned above. Not to mention the mortgage, loan payments, school fees, and household expenses.

Yet, Kim found it to be so gracious and gifted Chris with the said amount with no expectation in return. Did I say no expectation in return? Kim is a bigger leader than most others you will find or hear about in your lives. Kim is truth and a true donor, even bigger than most other philanthropists we hear about in the world. Kim is real and a friend that everyone should be and must be envious about. Kim is a dream come true, when it comes to friendship.

I invite you to define friendship? What reason did Kim have to gift Chris a sizable amount of not a penny less than what was on the check? How did Kim downplay her own loss, challenges, problems, and future planning? Is Kim an exception? If your answer to the last question is a resounding YES, what makes Kim an exception? What exceptional friends have you met or experienced? 

Go on…give us your answers to these questions. About 25000 readers around the world are eager to hear your responses to these questions. Surprise them with your answers.