What is the difference between duty & pleasure?

Legacy, Passion, Ownership, Leadership, Mission, Strategy, Integrity, Optimism…

The shorter the distance between duty and pleasure, the happier your life! There exists a huge distinction and distance between duty and passion/ pleasure.

Majority of the people live up to and fulfill their duty. They at least perform their duty. Some of them even rejoice fulfilling their duty. A rare few dig in and dive in for their passion.

L                                                          LOVE
I                                                      INTEGRITY
F                                                      FOCUSED
E                                                       ENERGY

I                                                        IMPACT
S                                                      SUCCESS

F                                          FRIENDSHIP WITH FEW
A                                               ALIGN WITH ALL
S                                              SEARCH FOR SOUL
T                                               TRUST THYSELF…

All of us received this huge gift called life… Don’t waste it.

There are very few friends, who you can share your gift called life. Last story defined friendship in a rare light.

Here are two other anecdotes. Shawna reached into her purse and brought out whatever cash she had on her to give to Jana. Jana’s husband had just suffered a severe accident and was to be admitted to the hospital. Shawna did not count how much cash did she give Jana, but for Jana it was the most valuable gift she had received in her life. Did Shawna give this gift out of duty or was it her passion for friendship towards Jana that gave her the pleasure to gift?

To Jana’s surprise, M brought a check and gifted a large sum to Jana with no expectation in return. Another indispensable gift from a true friend. How many friends reach out to you like this and do this? Was this an example of duty performance or a deep pleasure that was driven by M’s passion for friendship?

Align with all by spontaneous interactions. If you have no malice in your interactions, be less worried about what the outcome. People will say anything as long as it serves their purpose. Have a clear heart, an innocence of a child, focus of an archer, and of course love for the just and trust in the right.

A caution for those, who adopts this…You will be the envy and alone as you are an exception in an environment full of hypocrisy. Acquaintances will depart, but to your glory!! A friendship that ends never began.

Search for soul and not just a temporary acquaintance.

Trust Thyself.

Delete the distinction, distance, difference, and the detour between your duty and your passionate pleasure; you will not once work in your life. Your work will, then, become your delight and a sheer joy for others as you exceed your goals in every respect in all aspects.

If you believe that your life is a gift to you for you, stop wasting it with those around you who are infinitely mediocre.

Purposefully persist towards your planned passion!!!