The more you plan, the clearer your choices…

Plan these ten areas with us to evaluate how you succeed with distinction in many other tests life throws at you.

(On a scale 1 to 10, rank where do you stand in these matters. 10 being the highest level and 1 being a questionable mark)
  1. How do your acquaintances rank you in terms of openness?
  2. How stubborn are you in light of what is right and appropriate?
  3. How often do you talk negatively about some of your close friends?
  4. How often do you keep things confidential when someone has trusted you with that information?
  5. How often do you do things under the excuse of doing it for the kids?
  6. How often do you stand up for your friends?
  7. How do people rate you as aligned with in terms of your values and your beliefs?
  8. How do you rank yourself in terms of integrity?
  9. How do others rank you in terms of integrity?
  10. How sustained and long term is your success likely to be?
There are no right or incorrect responses, but your responses will prove once more what we have observed, thought, believed, and known for about half a century or longer that the more you plan your life from the outset, the clearer your choices of how you will lead your life and how you will lead those around you including being the model for the kids we are so proud to bring into this world of ambiguity and unparalleled trust.

Self gain is the only interest that prevails in the weak, where as being happy and happier for others is for the strong few. Persistence in planning provides you the clarity of thought that pervades all throughout humanity regardless of known or unknown entities. There are seven billion people on this earth. How many of them will you ever get to meet or know?

The sole purpose of the souls is to meet them by our thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors that will sustain  centuries and generations. Plan your purpose to persist and pervade all through the globe, not for any other reason than to merely be a HUMAN BEING. I am merely a human being, trying to be ONE, showing others around the globe that they can be ONE.,,