Why we, Americans, make decisions in spite of…

Newtown, CT, Colorado, Oregon, endless number of places, incidents, rare as they may be, they continue to be life threatening for innocents and the worst thing about these episodes is that it can happen anywhere to anyone for any reason.

A claim that this 20 year old was sick and challenged is a surprise beyond reason. There are many many multiples of sick ones walking the face of the earth. Should we then expect or anticipate millions of such nightmares fairly frequently? In parallel there are millions and millions of healthy ones also who stroll the earth. Let’s give them credit in what they stand for and what they believe. Let’s help them help those in need, so that we would be done with all this senseless killings.

PICK from where you are to lead to where you wish to go. PICK stands for:

If you are wealthy with these 4 attributes, no obstacle or objection will ever stand in your way to glory and legacy. 
Determination to keep such events occurring again anywhere is the first and only mission that will help us find solution and a resolution to ending, halting, and thereby eliminating such occurrences in the future.