Life is one step, one door, one turn at a time…

Nothing surprises me more than a noble deed by a few irrespective of how nominal that deed may be.

Each one of us end up committing small deeds that are uniquely noble and good in every way. If we believe that we commit those kinds of act, it should be a given that others commit those kinds of act as well. However, we fail to recognize the good of others and pay less attention than we pay to our own acts.

The flip side of the coin tell us a different story as well. If we begin to pay a close attention to all that is happening around us, incidents of ill doing seem to have become a trend or a routine. Therefore, most of the times the news about fraud, deceit, violence surprise me little as compared to the uniqueness of benevolence and honesty, trust and integrity.

We all have mentors and our conscience that lead us to be happier than yesterday. Slow down and energize yourself.

Meditate to attract energy that will help benefit the humankind. Life brings us awareness in the strangest places and one step at a time. Life brings us the most distinguished choices by opening one door at a time and shutting one behind you. Life twists like a roller coaster to excite, energize and make us happier one turn at a time.

Life is, more or less, what this picture portrays. One step, one door, one turn of remarkable experiences and memories.

Be well.