Shun the group dynamics in 2013 AND BEYOND…& Become more healthy.

Group dynamics end up doing more damage than good in most cases.

US elections and the silo surveys and research brought a huge surprise to one side. Mitt met the might of the unswayed, the focused, and the determined most. Have a spine and guts to believe.

Group dynamics led a lady to her death in Singapore after a terrible torture by the group in Delhi.

Group dynamics of a few led one to kill more in Newtown, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and other places.

We are sitting on the edge of a CLIFF, ready or not, willing or not, to fall because of the lousy group dynamics of a few.

A dare and bet for all those who are willing to be different in the coming days and months. Here is to being different and not believing or giving into one, two, or a few who have malice and selfish interests at the heart of their every action, decision, and interaction mainly due to their own insecurities or level of passion in their lives.

Are you so poor that you have not a thing other than a few meager amounts of money? Become rich and make others the same.

Group dynamics is the sickness that is an epidemic and spreads faster than many other illnesses. Are you therefore the cure or do you carry the same contagious germs?

Be more healthy, happy, rich, and more energized by shunning those who ask or invite you to their group dynamism and their level of mediocre thinking. There are still a few people left with the highest levels of integrity and passion. Find them, keep them, and cherish them… you will be more rich in your lives.

Be the best at everything you do by being yourself rather than living what others seek you to be.