Willingly at work or are you forced to work?

Work has everything to do with 180 degree view and perspective. 
This week, an event, an interaction brought me this awareness that some people come to work with all kinds of hesitation and with a level of resistance that manifests in their dealing and working with others irrespective of how polite the others may be with him or her…
Do you ever face this? In spite of you being so polite and humble, the other person is hell bent on being rude and impolite with you…
A phone call to help my son volunteer at an institute to help seniors living there…person’s response so rude and threatening, my son did not want to ever call that place again. My wife spoke to the institute on a separate phone call with similar result, and the third one did not prove any different. 
Mind you, this is to volunteer at this place, with zero expectation in return, and yet this treatment! 
Can you imagine what the seniors are facing and how they are being treated behind closed doors? 
Enough said, but the school has now decided to not send any student, our future leaders to volunteer at this institution…
Do you get or take 180 degree of every institute you work with and seek their services? Buildings don’t make an organization, people and their outlook and mindset do. 
Find one!