What decisions brought you where you are today? Or in the future?

Take the first step towards a whole new world of opportunities. 

Your decision to take that first step opened these & many more opportunities. 

Womb to tomb, we make millions of decisions that affect our lives and the continuous outcomes we enjoy, delight or suffer.

The delight or suffering largely rests on our thoughts, as thoughts shape and create our destiny. The million decisions we make stem largely from various aspects and attributes of our lives. However, if you narrow down to a manageable number, these decisions become more lasting in their implementation. Most of the decisions then fall within one of these areas of our lives.

Are you ready to peel the 16 aspects you may have made your decisions? Most of our decisions arise from

  • Living legacy
  • Life as we enjoy
  • Level of ownership we take
  • Passion
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Energy 
  • Mission
  • Decisions 
  • Learning
  • Strategy
  • Career
  • Optimism
  • Planning
  • Reality check and 
  • Integrity
A thought I want to leave you with for your introspection. 
If you ask yourself, which aspect or attribute most of your decisions came from, you will become aware of the journey you wish to take or some detours you may end up taking. 
Ask, ask, ask.