A leader unparalleled to any other Gave us the gift of A dream come true

A leader unparalleled to any other Gave us the gift of ‘A dream come true,’

Although I have traveled the entire world multiple times with zero dollars in my pocket and not once did I face the kind of challenges this trip presented, here’s a leader, Mr. Owen Fu. Regardless of his position with JW Marriott Beijing Central, he soon found out that most places in China don’t accept Credit Cards, including The Great Wall China tickets, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Mountain-999 stairs- Stairway to Heaven and other attractions of Wonderous recognition or the Business Class Train Tickets on the Bullet Train.

Mr. Owen Fu, next morning purchased our Train Tickets to Changsha on a Bullet train in Business Class worth a thousand dollars. When asked how will I pay him back, his nonchalant response was to pay him when I can if I can.

Our dream came true, but the dream learning in leadership had already begun as soon as we disembarked from the Delta Flight and His representative was waiting at the aircraft door to receive us and roll out the red carpet all the way through to the Marriott where the General Manager- Mr. Philip Kang, the Director Operations and Mr. Owen Fu were waiting to receive us even though it was late Sunday evening.

Getting cash advance on my American Express card or converting our US dollars in China was extremely daunting and without losing patience at this newly unfolded lessons, I got the cash and paid Mr. Owen Fu back found such a great leadership in China affirming my belief and trust in Humanity and leadership in spite of what we face and deal with in the US affecting the entire world in some small or big way.

“We will find greatness anywhere in the world if we go with the intuition and faith in humanity that whatever our mission, no obstacle or objection will ever stand in our way to not only achieve our goals but to exceed them in style.” -Ben Pandya.

Long live ‘Legacy Forward Made Easy.’

Thriving to have found indispensable leaders everywhere…on a continuum