If we are adrift, what are we doing to search our road to our passionate destination?

If we are not adrift, what are we doing to help others find their road to their destination? Awake, arise, align, and empower…Life is short & too many people to help!
Multiple recent events reiterate the magic and phenomenal stories that prevail around us in others; we have not paid attention to those stories or have become truly myopic in our views.
Change management interview brought me to re live memories of my days of leadership in corporate America. The more stories I hear of Leadership within corporate America in the last decade, the more I come realize and believe that the word: Leader is taken out of the term “Leadership” and what is left behind is “Ship” with no one at the helm.

Have we become that helpless to learn of ‘Leadership’ only in books, from books and limit it to books?

Focus, patience, determination, integrity, empowerment, intuition for learning…..There is light and you will find your direction regardless of what the source and what direction it comes from.

Live a Legacy to leave a Legacy…..