A leader once in a century for once in a century…Are you ready?

There are no accidents or coincidences in life. If you plan well and are persistent towards your aspirations, you will accomplish your goals to the fullest. One of my goals in 2013 was to arrange a face to face meeting India’s current prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. 
After meticulous, rigorous planning and security clearances, I finally had the opportunity to meet with him.  Although my meeting him may not be significant, I assure you that Mr. Modi’s leadership style garnered my deepest respects for him. In spite of his arduous travel schedule, he met with me on December 23rd for what will be my most memorable 20 minutes. My immense gratitude to him for his humble leadership through servitude. 
It was at that meeting that I had envisioned him to be on the national stage and lead glorified India on the global platform. That vision has now materialized for the foreseeable future.
My blog of that time will speak in detail about it, however, should we need to explore more on the said topic and how can I be the conduit between you passion and the growth of India, I would be more than eager to discuss every aspect. I am also ready to share the insights I have gleaned from Mr. Modi and many other venerable mentors.  

If success leaves clues let’s discover and investigate together.
Everyone has a powerful story. Leadership is a game of creating and writing memorable stories so that leaders like yourself will leave a memorable legacy behind after each assignment, role, contribution to a country, team, or responsibility. 
Life is short and the globe is finite. If that holds true, then I possess a heightened sense of urgency to decisively impact as many people, executives, and leaders in the shortest possible time. You are doing that very thing by providing key insights to various sides of society.
My immense gratitude for your time and your courage to explore multitude of options you face…