Author: Ben Pandya

Observe, think, study, learn.! Learning ought to be indispensable..

Make yourself a CLO. Chief Learning Officer of your individual entity. When did you begin learning? When did you observe and study first? Where did you learn it from? Who has been your best teacher? How did you learn? Learning begins with breathing. Studying starts with mother’s love. Thinking initiates with dad’s decisions, and observations… Read more »

How do you define “family”? How does the family define you?

Mother on the prawl Grateful to the paw for the kill Meal with the family; delicious… Family is a fantastic institution. How do you define what family means for you? More importantly, what do you mean to the family? Is it merely a means for taking care of each other?What about alignment of values? What… Read more »

How realistic and real are you? Real situations occur every moment in our lives. Lessons, learning, and news make our day or we let them break our days.We carry our own baggage with us. Some carry a load, others travel light and yet others create a humorous anecdote out of their own journeys. This picture speaks so loudly about how… Read more »

Would you accept an invitation to live your life to the fullest? Or…

Does this picture give you an open invitation to live life to the fullest?What does this picture convey to you in terms of invitation? Sun will rise, light, come to provide the energy during the day, and yet at the end of it all will go light someone else’s universe. Does your life currently do… Read more »

Water and Passion make their mark by being aligned with nature

Water, passion, mind in true nature look for freedom in its highest form. Water finds, discovers and makes its way through the ease of passage. Have you ever heard of water flowing upward bound? It would be considered against nature and would mandate artificial energy and power for that unnatural journey.Passion seeks its freedom in… Read more »

Is success routine or exceptional?

A Flinn scholar will share that such high level success came as naturally and easily as routine, but we know in our respective hearts that success may be routine, but exceptional success is based on the efforts, insights, and clarity of thought that went into the process. Greater insights come due to the level of… Read more »

Why would anyone think Bill Gates at Microsoft is stupid?

A bar, a happy hour, a beer or two in the system and this guy turned to me and concluded that I impact others by motivating them to be happier than they are. Instead of asking me about any of his personal questions, he suggested that motivation comes in our lives because of the level… Read more »

Success and happiness

A question as simple as this has the potential to provide tremendous insights into personal and professional lives  we lead. That simple question to ask: Are you happy because you are successful or are you successful because you are happy? Go on… introspect and think about the answer before you put your autograph on the… Read more »

The indispensable YOU

The traditional belief from around us has been that no one is indispensable. In fact, I reckon that each one of us at some point in time is indispensable. Even if it is for a moment, you were indispensable. The more passionate you are, the longer the duration of you being indispensable. Passion possibly has… Read more »