Observe, think, study, learn.! Learning ought to be indispensable..

Make yourself a CLO. Chief Learning Officer of your individual entity. When did you begin learning? When did you observe and study first? Where did you learn it from? Who has been your best teacher? How did you learn?

Learning begins with breathing. Studying starts with mother’s love. Thinking initiates with dad’s decisions, and observations begin with surroundings that hosts our friends in the community.

Life teaches, school preaches. There is no substitute for learning. Yearn to learn and the earnings will follow.

Every situation teaches from the get go. Ongoing events are the key source of learning for everyone, everyday, and every moment of the day for life. Are you capturing the salient learnings from every anecdote or are you ignoring some learning thinking how futile this learning will be for you?

Apply all learning for a thriving life, there is no alternate.

Training is for the select few; learning is for the eager few. Implimentation is for the rare few and the rare few are the passionate few.

Become exceptional by learning and implimenting lessons from every source.

Make yourself a CLO, not Chief Learning Officer; but make yourself the CLO- Continuous Learning Organization.