Water and Passion make their mark by being aligned with nature

Water, passion, mind in true nature look for freedom in its highest form. Water finds, discovers and makes its way through the ease of passage. Have you ever heard of water flowing upward bound? It would be considered against nature and would mandate artificial energy and power for that unnatural journey.
Passion seeks its freedom in whatever road it embarks on. Passionate ones become more energetic, happier, and live a true life rather than be on an artificial plank to merely survive.

Capture this moment and take it with you on this passionate voyage. Visualize your destination, even if you have to take to different roads and means to arrive in the most efficient manner.
Keep the climb, enjoy the trees and roses along the way, enjoy the mist, and the spotless blue sky. Keep the climb, Mount Everest is right around the corner to give the extraordinary and exceptional view of this world only a few will ever cherish.

If you have not finalized your destination, select one. “Passion will provide you the purpose. Purpose will seek for you to plan, and obviously plan will demand persistence and thereby you will have sustained success.”