The indispensable YOU

The traditional belief from around us has been that no one is indispensable. In fact, I reckon that each one of us at some point in time is indispensable. Even if it is for a moment, you were indispensable. The more passionate you are, the longer the duration of you being indispensable. Passion possibly has multiple definitions and what passion means to each one of us is a variety of attributes. Given that, whatever we are passionate about, how have we made ourselves indispensable? Passion is true energy. Energize your life by believing that you and your cause and your being on this earth is indispensable. Once you believe this, your words will say and mean identical theme. Your actions, therefore, will resemble what you desire. The more actions you take, they will turn into lasting habits.
A new way to prove to yourself and others that you are truly indispensable is to create stories around you. Stories create memories and memories build memorable interactions that alter cultures and leave a legacy by leaving you indispensable once again.
Go on…live your life indispensably! Celebrate life!!,,