Author: Ben Pandya

Gratitude and effectiveness

Our thoughts and blogs have gathered more than 45000 readers from across the globe. Become an engaged reader and gain the awareness for your onward journey. We are unknown to the readers and the readers are friends we have not met or known before, yet we have made a tremendous connection and alignment in their… Read more »

The clearer your choices, the better your planning…

Need we say more?  The previous blog spoke about the more you plan the clearer your choices!! This time around we turned the tables on planning.  Clear choices and clarity of thought will provide you with the kind of determination that will withstand any adversity and untoward comment from any source. With such clarity of… Read more »

The more you plan, the clearer your choices…

Plan these ten areas with us to evaluate how you succeed with distinction in many other tests life throws at you. (On a scale 1 to 10, rank where do you stand in these matters. 10 being the highest level and 1 being a questionable mark) How do your acquaintances rank you in terms of… Read more »

What is your IQ, EQ, and PQ?

We know the first two terms such as IQ and EQ, do we know what PQ means or stands for? IQ has been known as the Intelligence Quotient, and EQ came to us as the Emotional Quotient. PQ quite simply stands for and means Passion Quotient. Of all the people we have researched and surveyed… Read more »

What is your water cooler conversation?

Heard it in passing,”My CEO has one goal and that is to retain people, but if the morale is down he does not care because he knows that people will not quit the job, as there are fewer jobs available in the market”. “Why do companies that make huge profits pay their Representatives the lowest… Read more »

Are you the rare few???

“Training is for the select few;Learning is for the eager few.Implementation for the rare few,Rare are the passionate few!!” Passion is the sunshine of our lives, enjoy the rise and the beauty of setting…!

What is the distinction between life and athletics?

We have proven time and again that if you want to improve your game, play with someone that is a better player than yourself. It is so clear to apply that same principle to our lives as well. What, then, is the distinction between life and athletics? This weekend so many stories prove that each… Read more »

Why do people & organizations not learn from training?

Perhaps the onus is on the trainers and most trainers teach others to do the right things, but stays away from learning those very things for themselves and keep from walking the talk. Impact is retained and provides a turn around only if the trainers implement what they preach or have been through the learning… Read more »

See, smell, savor, and sparkle all over, everywhere, every time!

Each location has its own aroma. Every person defines beauty based on what is seen. Having traveled multiple countries and locations, I have anticipated a peculiar smell for every corner of the world and found it. Cherry blossoms in Shinzuku Gardens in Tokyo, foliage in Seattle, fall in Ann Arbor, fog in London, midnight in… Read more »

How long do I have?

A passing thought… how long, another passing whim… what? Why? Each one of us think and believe and know that we are highly successful in our own right. What if things did not go our way and things failed to sustain the outcome! Yes, we are selfish, but a recent passing thought asked me how… Read more »