What is your IQ, EQ, and PQ?

We know the first two terms such as IQ and EQ, do we know what PQ means or stands for? IQ has been known as the Intelligence Quotient, and EQ came to us as the Emotional Quotient. PQ quite simply stands for and means Passion Quotient.

Of all the people we have researched and surveyed around the globe, we finally met someone who has attained 8 points on a 10 point scale. There is hope. There is passion alive in this world. Make it more passionate for yourselves. 
How do you make it more passionate? Simple. You ought to first gain the awareness as to what level of passion is alive in you and then begin to make decisions that will impact and enhance that level to be a higher point than in the past. 


linkedin.comThink it, like it, wish it, develop it, do it, act it, repeat it, keep it, love it. Simple, was it?