Gratitude and effectiveness

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We are unknown to the readers and the readers are friends we have not met or known before, yet we have made a tremendous connection and alignment in their respective lives. We have received so many compliments and comments on our blogs and this blog is about the kind of experiences readers have had reading and digesting our thoughts.

Whether you have applied the learning from our blogs at your work or in play, it has given you time to reflect on the situations rather than have an instant reaction.

Some of you have shared how our blogs have provided you the needed education or friendships that have resulted in lasting ones and some others have been able to use this knowledge to make extra money as well.

Whether it is family or happiness, feelings of pride show the kind of success you have seen based on the learning we have shared in our blog.

Some of you may have even become more adventurous and grown your ambition to have a dream holiday for the most apt recreation. These have helped some in their business to build greater teamwork by learning key manners of interactions.

Some of you have elected to take risks and responsibility to a new level showing your true leadership irrespective of your gender. Moreover this leadership has come with higher level of integrity and healthy competition, which has in turn given you the courage to be more confident to persist the pursuit of your purpose.

Some others have experienced a higher level of respect and this has helped some to overcome some conflicts and built enhanced degree of trust. This trust, loyalty, and your honest reputation is now giving you the much needed recognition and that has built your personal health simultaneously made your organizations more fun with the kind of humor that was absent most of the times.

Now you are on your way to travel through the journey of life while coaching others and being coached by others. Happy travels, Bon Voyage!!

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