See, smell, savor, and sparkle all over, everywhere, every time!

Each location has its own aroma. Every person defines beauty based on what is seen. Having traveled multiple countries and locations, I have anticipated a peculiar smell for every corner of the world and found it.

Cherry blossoms in Shinzuku Gardens in Tokyo, foliage in Seattle, fall in Ann Arbor, fog in London, midnight in Paris, rain in Phoenix, smog in Shanghai or the back alleys of Bombay, they all seemed to provide an acute sense of smell.

A change in perspective has brought key freshness to every spot I visit, every person I meet, every closed room I enter, every cologne I come across and every food I cherish. It is a delight to find such fresh thoughts about every place I experience because there is nothing untoward about that place or person or the smell. I find fresh air in closed rooms and outside, I find a pleasant aroma all around and not once do I complain about the odor in the surrounding.

We must learn to cherish every aspect of life. Sometimes it happens sometimes we make it happen. The change in perspective, however, happens and occurs because of our attitude and aptitude towards life.

It matters very little however significant loss it may appear to be, if you are determined to make the most of each facet you face. I cherish all places, everyone, each season, flower, terrain, forest.

I have lost something and yet gained a lot. What have I lost, you ask? I have a highly diminished sense of smell yet I feel as if I am in a garden enjoying the flowers bloom and spread their aroma every moment of the day or night.

Enjoy!! See, smell, savor, and sparkle all over, everywhere, each time!!