How long do I have?

A passing thought… how long, another passing whim… what? Why? Each one of us think and believe and know that we are highly successful in our own right. What if things did not go our way and things failed to sustain the outcome! Yes, we are selfish, but a recent passing thought asked me how long do I have to contribute and impact other people to benefit them in all aspects of their lives? A person who was shot in the head is alive and attempting a comeback after a year, a skier fell prey to the fall after fighting with life for about a week, they must also ask how long do they have to enjoy and impact…
What if my road to detour did not connect with the freeway of life in the manner it did after a miraculous recovery! I continue to learn, earn, impact, and thrive. I continue to yearn, search, fulfill, and contribute and become more real by comparison. Be real, be genuine, be true, because at the end of the hard working day, we are all asking the same question: How long do I have? Begin to think of others and their goals before putting your own goals as priority, so that you will be a legend in its own right. How long do you have to build that monument? How long and for what?

How long do we have?