Why do people & organizations not learn from training?

Perhaps the onus is on the trainers and most trainers teach others to do the right things, but stays away from learning those very things for themselves and keep from walking the talk.

Impact is retained and provides a turn around only if the trainers implement what they preach or have been through the learning themselves at one point in the past to show others that there is no distinction between the trainers and the trainees. We are all humans.

How can a trainer stand in front of 30-40 people at eight in the evening and address them with these very words: “I am so tired, and I was so far away from here, so in fact I was not going to come and speak to you for 90 minutes, but then I said let me go and finish this, so I am very tired, but I am here after dealing with a lot of traffic so let’s get this done. I am here to talk to you about creativity.”

Mediocre groups invite such speakers and such speakers and trainers get away with such outbursts with no impact on the outcome. Companies do the same thing. They either have relied on trainers for a long time with no impact, or organizations will claim that we rely on internal training only. Don’t the organizations know that when the training is kept with internal sources, it does the participants injustice by not giving new and innovative perspectives and approaches.

“A” people hire “A” people and “B” people hire “C” people. Get to know the “A” by becoming “A” category people.