What is the distinction between life and athletics?

We have proven time and again that if you want to improve your game, play with someone that is a better player than yourself.

It is so clear to apply that same principle to our lives as well. What, then, is the distinction between life and athletics?

This weekend so many stories prove that each story is more powerful than our own and we must pay attention to those stories as there is so much we end up learning from each individual stories.

A eighty five year old who started his business when he was sixty seven, an auditor flying across the globe for the last forty years helping businesses improve their quality, a supervisor back at work in a week after being hit by a TUG on the tarmac and landing on the concrete breaking her backbone, a mother fighting cancer enthusiastically, or a trainer living a full life even after being hit by a truck and losing a kidney and breaking the abdomen, and of course getting exemplary service from each one of them in spite of the conditions they are in.

Of there were other stories as well that brought me to a man who knows for sure that he is to live for ninety nine years of age, but will know what he wants to do after seventy years only on his seventieth birthday!!

My invitation to all, become a story teller, but better yet become an avid listener and begin to share all the stories you come across.