Author: Ben Pandya

I want to open my own business…

But, I want to wait for the right resources. Question is: Why do you want to open your own business and the answers vary from one to the next. Whatever your answer, you will put in your sweat and blood into that business more than you did when you had a job and your boss… Read more »

Whether it is your birthday or other celebrations…

How is your life different from what it was in 2012? It is no different, unless you begin to see each dawn as a new one, every moment an inspirational hope, all relations as lasting ones, because there is one difference today in your life and that is you are determined to make it different… Read more »

Re-energize your life by these simple steps.

Energize Your Work ~ Energize your teams! Deliver unparalleled exemplary customer service in your industry…Five questions that can help you discover happiness & greater results for you!1. What is the metric of your success?2. When will this success match the “Legacy” you want to create?3. How does this success make you happy?4. Who is keeping… Read more »

Have you hit a PAR lately?

Any golfer would be delighted to hit a par, but a lot of practice balls are hit over and over in order to straighten the shot. Life is just like golf. You would be delighted if you hit a par, but have you hit a par lately? Only you can answer that question. Have you… Read more »

Do you want to do BIZ in emerging mkts? What do you have to do?

Be the lonely leader and AIM for success… What has shaped as the pillars of globalization is the unwavering belief that people are people no matter where you go! Thirty years ago, I may have faced an argument or two from some Director of National Sales, who had merely heard of globalization in fiction books,… Read more »

What does life mean for you??

Rain & shine,life is what you make of it based on the thought that it is a spiritual experience of a roller coaster kind that is a challenging and an enriching journey for fun and ever changing to provide us a beautiful feeling.I am a GIFTthat is purpose driven towards key contribution with purpose and… Read more »

How do you know you are passionate about whatever you are doing?

Uncovering your passions and their applicability It is well known that passion is the single most significant source of success. Why then, do most people fall prey to the external environment and not pursue their passions? Life happens, stuff happens, things happen. Reasons may validate the detour from pursuit of passion, however, getting back on… Read more »


One of the most significant contributions India has made in the trend towards globalization is that India has added profits to organizations, large and small, domestic and multinational corporations, and for small businesses as well throughout the world. If this is true for India on the global scene, why is India falling to mediocrity in… Read more »