Have you hit a PAR lately?

Any golfer would be delighted to hit a par, but a lot of practice balls are hit over and over in order to straighten the shot. Life is just like golf. You would be delighted if you hit a par, but have you hit a par lately? Only you can answer that question. Have you hit practice shots in life over and over? How many shots do you hit each day as practice shots? What direction does your ball go? Do you like that direction? Do you ask yourself to change the direction of the ball or do you see Monday through Saturday as routine, dull, boring life that no one can help you change?
First of all, however, you must ask yourself if you are being true to yourself or are you just spending a day at a time towards the ultimate of your journey. In this day and age of technology, the globe has become smaller than it ever was…people have come closer than ever before either by means of travel to all locations, or by social networking. You will see and read a lot of quotes that are substantial, however, if you look a bit deeper, these are the quotes from the people who do not walk the talk and therefore the impact of their quotes are only good on Facebook… If you are true to yourself, how many questions do you ask yourself about your own life? How many questions do you ask about what you really want from life in life? These are the practice shots that will change the direction of your balls. It will be so refreshing that you will soon start to hit the par most of the holes most of the times.
We have developed just the kind of practice range that will help you get PAR. That range is called Pantel4Passion through iphone or ipad. Download this and see how it reveals “Passion, Aligned, Reignited”. Those who have taken these practice shots, are already ahead of the game, hitting pars already that they never did in the past. They find a true passion for life and the energy of the wind behind their sailboat.
Two years ago, introspective thoughts depicted why we are so intrigued by monuments that are centuries and thousand years old. Is it the color of those monuments, is it the shape, the architecture, the use of masonary, the balanced arches, the angle of light falling on it during the day and during the nights? Although we may not have found the most accurate answers, we came away with this questions: Life is a dynamic monument, have you designed & built yours for others to cherish the legend and the legacy you will leave behind? Carry a mirror, it will not lie to you. Reflect on each moment and interaction, and you will soon be the envy of all others. Your thoughts will be filled with, yes I have hit so many PARs lately.