Why spontaneous interactions are far superior than organized networking?

If your day begins with one simple thought of how fantastic that day is going to be, it is very likely that your day will turn out to be better than any other. Seven billion is a very small number of people if you have the energy and the outlook for others. If you develop a perspective in your mind that there are no strangers in this world; only friends you have not met before.
Number of people have become lifelong friends just by simple conversations either in flight to some destination or at a hotel, or at a restaurant. Some of these friendships have turned into business and long term clients as well, however, by contrast, most of the networking events have given each one 30 seconds to introduce yourlself and your business and then there are 28 other people who will do the same. Does it get boring? Yes, it does. How much of those events do you remember once you leave the event? How many people do you remember afterwards and more importantly, what do you remember about them and what they do? Imposed or organized networking events are merely feeding into someone’s goal of how many members can we add this week?
If you tell yourself that you only have two options as to the kind of day you are going to have. Those two optioins are: You are either going to have a fantastic day or ………
a day that is better than fantastic. That thought will allow no one else to make your day any other kind. Spontaneous interactions will give you fantastic days and therefore will make other peoples’ days also no less. Live life….lead self…be delighted in your own wonderful spirits.