One more year going by…What lessons, what opportunities? How will you differentiate yourself in the coming years

We have conquered these mountains easily. Life is about energetically crossing each mountain. Some mountains are smaller yet more strenuous and leave a lesson behind. Hypocrisy and lack of integrity are the biggest hurdles you will ever cross with ease, yet if you look around you are surrounded by them. You will reach the tops of each mountain, but watch out for the multitudes of snakes in the grass. They will sting you. They will attempt to steal your energy. Remember this, however, should you wish you go fast; go by yourself. If you wish to go the distance, go with key partners and relations. Here’s to 2012 that is fast approaching. Wishing each one of the reader a year where they will THRIVE, irrespective of their location in life, THRIVE. Leave the nose diving for others. Everyone will survive, but only a few will THRIVE. Be different, be yourself, as everyone else is taken.