I want to open my own business…

But, I want to wait for the right resources.

Question is: Why do you want to open your own business and the answers vary from one to the next. Whatever your answer, you will put in your sweat and blood into that business more than you did when you had a job and your boss was the worst one you ever had. Did you ever complain that your job demanded long hours and low pay, and no recognition? Don’t lose sight of any of that, cause you will end up working 25/10 with no cozy paycheck in the bank at the end of the month.
Is 25/10 a new concept for you and an unbelievable one? Here is a simple explanation for you. When you love what you do, your contributions will be at an all time high and your time will pass you by without you knowing whether you are working or your are doing this for your personal pleasure. That is why 24 hours are going to be too meager for your own business. If you stretch one hour everyday and add that to the 24 hours available to you, it gives you 25 and why would you then limit your week to five or seven days? Go on, have your productive spell and make the most of the week available to you by making it a ten day week. Simple, you will contribute 25/10 each week. That will, then be your competitive advantage. Competition will catch up with you, but only for their temporary success, because sustained success belongs only to those who are passionate about what they do with aspirations, integrity, and mindset.

Go on, be your own boss, resources will not be enough, time will not favor you, create your resources and the time, you will alter the course of economy, both for you and for others at large.
Live to thrive, and thrive to live, it beats the other option.