What does life mean for you??

Rain & shine,
life is what you make of it based on the thought that it is a spiritual experience of a roller coaster kind that is a challenging and an enriching journey for fun and ever changing to provide us a beautiful feeling.
I am a GIFT
that is purpose driven towards key contribution with purpose and determination to gain relentless learning of precious unpredictable
Truth and God.
Unexpected surprises that create reality wait at every continuous change;
professional development that takes effective communication at every stage by placing a mirror in front of us as a faithful friend,
who is loving and understanding and a mentor who searches, pushing it in the most appropriate direction towards a cycle that builds a legacy.
Life is full of enigmatic humility in spite of struggles and desires enticing each moment towards the adventure and game that creates irreplaceable art and an experience either through work or passion to continue to design a monument that is
Priceless and invaluable-
Amulya & Atulya.