Whether it is your birthday or other celebrations…

How is your life different from what it was in 2012? It is no different, unless you begin to see each dawn as a new one, every moment an inspirational hope, all relations as lasting ones, because there is one difference today in your life and that is you are determined to make it different in 2013. Calendars are man made, so are the hours and minutes; go ahead make a difference in your life. Only you can. Friendships that end, never began. Move, crawl, walk, run, sprint and get ahead.

The difference between success and the other side is for you to stop condoning and tolerating pretense and fake politeness from others.

Make your 2013 a memorable one. Stand tall and be the unique one among the seven billion that are walking this earth.

Rejoice and energize the world around you.


Ben Pandya
602 432 5464