How realistic and real are you?

Real situations occur every moment in our lives. Lessons, learning, and news make our day or we let them break our days.
We carry our own baggage with us. Some carry a load, others travel light and yet others create a humorous anecdote out of their own journeys.

This picture speaks so loudly about how we all carry our baggage. Some carry with ease, others become a burden to fellow passengers.
Shanghai airport curb side has this bag size measure for carry on items to see if your carry on will fit the overhead compartment.
Simple. Not so simple to these two.
They thought that this was a cart and so placed their baggage on to this and brought it to the ticket counter.
Smirks and laughter all around did not faze them till the agent mentioned the true purpose for this tool.
How we interpret the meanings all around us is up to us or it is up to our misconception of what it should mean.
The biggest challenge we face is to tolerate the ignorance in others and yet majority of us end up tolerating the fake facades others put in our societies.
Boss gives us a poor evaluation, we get sad. Colleagues give us feedback, we react. Teams put forth ideas that are better than ours, we disown them.
How quickly or slowly do actually respond rather than react?

Take a lesson from each of these occurances and learn from it to develop a realistic vision of what our onward bound ought to be and then see the impact and the difference in your lives.

Challenge, question, but learn and take it as a step towards your focused destination.

Delight awaits you. !!!