Would you accept an invitation to live your life to the fullest? Or…

Does this picture give you an open invitation to live life to the fullest?
What does this picture convey to you in terms of invitation? Sun will rise, light, come to provide the energy during the day, and yet at the end of it all will go light someone else’s universe. Does your life currently do that or do you visualize this tree as a barrier? Do you have enough barriers in your life that stops and hinders you to live and enjoy your life to the fullest? Or…
Do you keep your eye on the sun as a destination and head towards that so focused that the barriers merely become short and small detours and distractions?
What has been your path?
What has been your source of energy or what drains your energy?
There is only one life…there is no moment that will repeat itself. Yet we are under a false assumption that we are to live to be a hundred years old and so we have time to contribute more to that society and community at a later date, alas! News will reveal to you soon that each moment ought to be precious, are you treating those moments as precious and capture the essence of those moments to share with those that care and believe. There are more non-believers than others.

What are you doing to turn them into believers? Are you walking the talk?
Passion is energy… energize your life with fewer distractions.

Live and celebrate your life, there is no other alternative.