What if…

August 4th 2010 is a routine date for most, but a 12 year old, who witnessed possibly the most scary accident of his life, recalls this date at 4:32 pm and prays and thanks God and his mom that the said date did not bring any untoward impact in their life. 
What if…he had lost his speech?
What if he had lost all his memories? 
What if he had suffered not repairable injuries? 
There are still a lot of ‘What if’…but the one answer he has found since August 4th 2010 is this: 

To bring awareness that there is greatness in all of us and there by make them stronger is my ideal goal and aspiration. 

What is yours? If you ask yourself that very question, you may be surprised by the answer you will find and get from yourself…

A precious life, a timely answer, and a relevant awareness will change and impact so many more lives… Go on, ask yourself, “What is your goal?”