Focused Integrity with Determination to Empower Legends in Intuition to Trust and Yearn to learn…

I am no expert on future predictions, however, this one seems to cling on to me and that prediction is that if we wish and desire for India take a more righteous path, and bring our roots back from ancient glory to future legacy….Narendra Modi will light the path not only for India, but also for other areas in the world.

A gloriously legendary journey!! Amazing characteristics of being a ‘Common Man’ and continuing to be one, irrespective of the positional power. It is with great degree of conviction that I can claim that this one would be the ‘Pristine Man’ regardless whether he is known as the PM or otherwise.

Such legends come amongst us once in a century, or once in a life time. Whatever your thoughts and feelings and opinion about him, don’t ever short change his fortitude, his organization, his integrity, and his courage as well as his foundation in the grass roots he continues to salute.

I was gifted with this meeting with him merely because of his humility, but also because I was truly focused in integrity with the determination to get empowered by such a legend and intuitively trusted and yearned to learn from him on a continuum.

We have heard of stories from around the world how Nelson Mandela left a legacy by being true to himself and his ideals in spite of massive number of obstacles and hurdles. We have heard of Gandhi and others rise to the highest levels of leadership even after starting with humble beginnings. US proved the same by electing Barack Obama as the President twice after his humble start.

Let’s prove it one more time, that India is the land of high integrity, reverence to purity, spiritual foundation, and unparalleled leadership by making sure that we raise a toast to the CM- Common Man, be the PM- Pristine Man or the Prime Minister.

In doing so, I assure you “Tea will have never tasted better any where in the world past the day of his electoral victory.”