Success is your lucky number…irrespective of how you define success!

Seventh rank in the nation of all other colleagues is something truly remarkable. Seventh rank in the nation of all other colleagues who are full time employees and Jana does it with ease even though her responsibilities are part time. That is unbelievable…

Eight years in a row, she is number one in the region, in spite of her being a part time employee. How does she do it? She is no different than all other colleagues in all aspects, than she is more focused, more energetic, and more determined.

Here is the beauty of all this. Every evening she confesses to her husband that she is not in sales and she can not sell, but she does it naturally to help the potential clients. What a novel idea?

 She is more determined and more focused than the “Victoria Falls.” She continues to invite and bring multiple rainbows with her, wherever she goes, interacts, and contributes.

She defines success as:

  • Staying Ahead
  • Upward Gaze
  • Clarity 
  • Confidence
  • Empower
  • Sustained
  • Success
If you introspect just a bit with this: Success, Victory, and Winners are all 7 letter words. Did you say coincidence? I think not. 
I know of one individual, who made it to a new environment and started contributing to an organization at an entry level and rose to be one of the top 7 officers in a 65,000 people organization. 
Success may be a lucky number, but the real lucky number ought to be SEVEN. 
Be successful. It is easier done than said.