In 1492, Columbus discovered America; for $14.92 what do you want to discover? Here is to a ‘Road map to legendary life’…

There is sunrise every moment somewhere in this universe. How well lit is your path to the peak to delight in your sunrise?

It seems like every day someone writes a “how to” leadership book full of abstract examples. I’ve written a book that teaches leadership by telling the life story of a real person, Ravi.
Many leadership books tell readers what to think and do. My book allows them to find their own leadership “truth” through thoughtful reflection as they see Ravi change and impact his community.
While this is my leadership story book, I have more than 40,000 worldwide readers of my leadership blog.

Offers Road map to a Legendary Life
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., October 24, 2013 — Local successful life coach and leadership development expert Ben Pandya has launched his first book “Legacy Forward, Made Easy!” on October 22, 2013. This masterful guide to a legendary life is set in a diverse culture, and is an example of success that is readily available to all, should they decide to choose to fulfill their mission.
“You may have read many leadership books, but none that personalize and exemplify leadership through a life story, If you have an unparalleled level of integrity, a sharp focus and determination, you will find lighthouses in the darkest of storms and find your way to your destination,” said Pandya on his book’s key message.
“Legacy Forward, Made Easy!” provides an easy self-discovery road map, and an instant guide to practical ideas, decision making, and insights into your life. This is the story of one man, Ravi, who lived to give you that road map.
In 1492, Columbus discovered America. What will you discover or unleash with this map for $14.92?
Pandya, an executive coach and international leadership development expert, has been working toward publication for seven years, while running his global consulting firm, JBR Global, Pantel 4 Passion, and Just AIM 4 Success. In addition to his executive experience with AstraZeneca, Microsoft and American Express, Pandya has published articles in Forbes and Money magazine, has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and and has 40,000 worldwide readers of his blog.
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