What is your ideal job?

What is your ideal job? Why do you think about a career? What makes you passionate about your job?

When did you start paying attention to your job and the search for the right one rather than a job? How does a job or interest in a job turn that into a career?


Continue to learn from every job, role, and responsibility. The challenge is to eagerly learn whether from a positive experience or otherwise. If you personally allow this, learning will take place in every situation. That learning will then invite you to thrive in life irrespective of your liking or dislike for the job, role or responsibility.

I have met and interacted with people in different jobs. If nothing else, most of them show a certain  affection towards their respective job. The bigger question is, how long will they be able to display that affection if they are not truly passionate about their jobs?

Ask the right questions of yourself and you will be able to resolve any situation, obstacles, or objection. Ask the right questions of others at the pertinent time and you will gain a tremendous insight into their situation, obstacles, and their respective roles, jobs, and other responsibilities.