Why should you not have a plan?

Plans stink and suck; planning is indispensable. Continue your planning for your goals and destination, but shun the plan. Make it a dynamic document.

Where is the last plan you worked on? When was the last time you reviewed that plan?
How dynamic have you made that plan?

In fact, I wish to share with my readers the significance of planning, however, poor it may be, will be more rewarding than no planning. Can you think of any accomplishment with no planning? Can you think of any legendary accomplishment without any planning?

Here is a model that brings importance of planning to light.

  1. Be Passionate & Plan
  2. Passion will build Ownership
  3. Ownership will bring Leadership
  4. Leadership will seek Accountability
  5. Accountability will fetch Results
  6. Results will provide Sustained Success.
Can you argue with this outcome? The level of sustained success will leave a legacy. Living and beyond. 
  • Monumental palaces
  • Historic cities and sites
  • Urban cities
  • 10,000 Buddha temple 
  • Angkor Wat
  • Wall of China
Spend majority of your time planning for the assignment you take on, you will invariably have an outstanding outcome. 

do yourself a favor and ask yourself how much planning you undertake while working on an assignment or a task? You will be surprised of the answer you give yourself.
Be surprised, but don’t ignore that surprise and begin planning from that moment on.
Watch and be even more surprised with the results you receive.

Get ready to build and create a legend, soon, today, NOW.