How energetic are you?

Water & light frozen for the moment

Lit up invitation to be energetic

Put the energy behind the wind; don’t wait for the wind.

Sun is looking to re-energize for a brighter tomorrow. 

In each of us lies an unfathomable amount of energy that we must choose to use and reenergize for more.

How you use every moment of the awake time for your own growth will make others envious of you and your energy. In fact, your energy, in turn, can and will be contagious to others so that they will start feeling more energetic about their individual lives.

Isn’t servitude the leadership we all should display in our actions and behavior and of course in our energetic lives?

Energize your lives by simply each morning reminding yourself that this day is to be full of pleasant surprises and you do not want to miss out on any of these pleasant surprises. Once you start thinking this and saying it each morning, you will act like that too and by these actions you will decrease the level of tiredness you will feel everyday. Soon this will become a habit and your character will befit the energy you deserve and desire to live a more fulfilling days.
Water and fire are two sources of energy. I have tried to capture them in their full glory to depict the power they contain in providing energy to us and a message of energy to others so that we can begin to spread an epidemic.

Be energetic; be contagious…Be the envy; there’s no alternative.