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Passion for specific goals provides us with the drive for sustained success that is unparalleled by any other motivating force. Further, Passion is the most significant factor in success and one that all of us should value and aspire to. This conclusion was reached after 30 years of highly successful corporate experience, global research and surveys. This is the foundation of the Pantel 4 Passion Quotient™ (P4PQ™). P4PQ™ quite simply measures that attribute in each of us that builds our indispensability in this world.
The Pantel 4 Passion Quotient™ app invites you to assess the level of Passion that exists within you. The 96, easy to answer, questions will prioritize 16 different life attributes in 6 dimensions. Providing you with key insights into the areas you are most passionate about and areas requiring additional focus.
Based on continued global research, there is evidence that everyone is passionate about many aspects of life. However, we can put those aspects into 16 significant categories. While your answers will remain strictly confidential, the report will provide you a numerical score for all 16 categories.
The P4PQ™ score will display the areas you are most passionate about and the areas requiring your attention to live a more fulfilling and focused life.
You can also obtain a comprehensive report on your personal P4PQ™ assessment. So take the P4PQ™ assessment today, view the scores, and let us know where you would like us to send the final, comprehensive report. There is an additional investment for a comprehensive report.
Please note that your personal assessment and reports are stored on our secured servers, and are kept confidential and will not be shared, distributed or sold to any other person or organization.
In addition, you will gain access to our articles that are valued around the globe. Access our videos on a variety of informative topics. And you can share the P4PQ™ app, our articles, videos, and our website with others through social media.
Our website is www.justaim4success.com and our articles are on www.justaim4success.blogspot.com
Become more passionate NOW; don’t wait, as every moment is precious because life is short.
Confidential for recipient only.
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