What is your mission? How far are you from achieving it?

What was the mission in its formulation? Yet, it appears magical in the middle of the ocean…

If you have a mission or if you buy into the mission, there is no obstacle or objection that will ever stand in your way to keep you from fulfilling your goal or reaching your destination. 
Those who feel they do not accomplish their goals, are the ones who get distracted from their mission. Was JFK an astronaut? Did he know how to fly the Apollo? In spite of both the answers reflect negation, he accomplished his mission of landing a man on the moon by end of the decade and safely returning him to the earth…
How and why did he do it, is not important. What is of significance is that he had a mission and he fulfilled it. 
Carve out your mission. You will be amazed to see what you will achieve and others will be surprised that you did it. However, it will be your secret as to how you did it. 
You did it because it was your mission and you were not distracted by any other detours. Twenty four hours in each day will be meager in terms of the time you will need to become the achiever. Stop counting the hours, and minutes, days, and weeks or months. Years may pass, but you will have delighted in the journey and the destination will then become the ONE wonder of the world. 
Did you say this is easier said than done? Begin to take the first steps; you will soon realize- it is easier done than said.
One more nuance or tip to help you take the first step: 
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